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110 00 Prague 1
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Describe of our e-shop

missing image /shop/products/ruzovy-porcelan/0403-cukrenka/byzant

Pink porcelain

 missing image /shop/products/ruzovy-porcelan/lenka/lenka-0247-p/ruzovy-porcelan-z-chodova-lenka-sapo-caj/vzor-0247-p.jpg
missing image /shop/products/ruzovy-porcelan/lenka/lenka-0563/sapo-cokolada-0563/vzor-0563.jpg

Lenka 0563

Empír 0380

Empír 0513

missing image /shop/products/ruzovy-porcelan/zuzka/zuzka-0288/0288-konvice/dscf5776a.jpg

Zuzka 0288

missing image /shop/products/ruzovy-porcelan/zuzka/zuzka-0289/0289-konvice-caj/dscf5778a.jpg
missing image /shop/products/ruzovy-porcelan/ruzovy-porcelan-olga/hrnek-0418/dscf0014a.jpg

Olga 0418

missing image /shop/products/kristalove-sklenice/kristalove-sklenice[2]/sklenice[2]

Crystal glas

missing image /shop/products/kristalove-zbozi/kosik/kosik

Crystal vase and bowl

missing image /shop/products/kristalove-vazy-a-dozy/nastolec/nastolec




 Light crystal

missing image /shop/products/kristal-zlato/kristal-ve-zlate

Crystal in gold

missing image /shop/products/kristal-ve-zlate-vaza/zlato-vaza

Křišťálové zboží ve zlate

missing image /shop/products/ozdoba-figury/zm198-1/zm198_1a.jpg

Nápojové sklo

Sklo, vázy
Smalt Dining set

Dining set

Describe of our e-shop
  • by clicking on link "Products" in menu you will get into our up-to-date offer of our e-shop. On the left side of the screen you can choose from the offer of categories of goods. On the right side of the screen you will see all the time appropriate offer of goods. There exists the fulltext search too. You can search goods following the names or the catalogue numbers of goods.
  • nest to every articles you can see 2 buttons. The first is "details" - this button will show you detail information about this article and next one "buy" will move relevant article right into your (virtual) shopping basket and will prepare it for your future order.
  • we are sending goods using post or other mailing services

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